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Ningbo Xingya Rubber believes that longevity in the life of an enterprise stems from formidable scientific research capabilities. Because of this, we have developed a fully equipped Laboratory Center with highly educated engineers. We employed senior engineers to help analyze quality problem, design and develop customized products¡£

Our Lab is responsible for the inspection of the company¡¯s raw materials (before they enter the manufacturing process), inspection of our finished products (after they have made their way through the manufacturing process) and physical and chemical test. Other lab responsibilities involve the examination and assessment of our manufacturing process and research & development into developing new products, technologies, and materials.

In order to produce products of the highest quality standard, it is important that our production and test equipment is also at a very high level of quality. Xingya has invested significant financial resources (upwards of £¤100 million) in the acquisition and modernization of vulcanization domestic and international production equipment. Our sophisticated process design and consistent quality control are among key elements that have contributed to the formation of Xingya¡¯s excellent reputation.

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