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¡¡Product Category
Name:Neal Cheng
Title:General Manager
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Name:Tina Song
Title:Senior Sales Manager
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Xingya introduces international advanced equipment and techniques, specializing in the production of rubber auto parts products. Our products are ranked within the top 3 best in China. This is due to continual innovation of our processes and the rigorous testing of our materials. Our fully equipped laboratory committed to continual growth and excellent quality control have contributed greatly to our prolonged success. Optimum process design and effective quality control are the key elements that Xingya focuses on to make it one of the most excellent and consistent brands in rubber auto parts industry.

According to an ancient Chinese proverb, ¡°Sharp tools make good work¡±. This ever true statement represents why Xingya has invested over £¤100 million toward the acquisition and modernization of our tools and equipment. We have worked to stay on track with the latest developments in the industry by constantly updating our equipment, enlarging our production capabilities, and modernizing our administration efforts.

Our vision of manufacturing is a scientific one. We seek continual growth and improvements through rigorous and practical approaches to increase efficiency. We will continue to upgrade our technology, increase innovation, and acquire the newest and most advanced equipment to keep our product production process at the highest standard.

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